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What services do you provide at weddings?

When it comes to Weddings, bringing the right atmosphere and creating the perfect feeling for you and your loved ones is essential. Having a live musician gives your event that personal touch that is sure to be meaningful for both you and your guests.

Services we provide at Weddings include:

  • Music throughout the Ceremony e.g. Walking down the aisle, the Signing of the Registry, the couple leaving the ceremony

  • Pre-reception music or background music throughout the canapés

  • The First Dance accompaniment

  • Full sound equipment is included

Do you sing at birthdays and other events?

Absolutely! We love to perform at any occasion.

Do you charge travel costs?

Dependent on the location of your wedding or event, travel costs may be added into the deposit which is required on booking.

I want a special song for my playlist, will it cost me?

We don’t charge for learning additional songs for your special day. It’s important to have the perfect music for your event!

What does a typical lesson look like?

A typical lesson begins with a variety of vocal warm-up exercises focusing on different aspects of the voice to improve the performers overall technique. Following these exercises, we move into preforming our repertoire. Generally, the student will sing their song once through to note their progress and elements which could be worked on, before together we break the song down into sections and work through, improving the students’ technique as we move through the song.

We work with the student to generate a repertoire list they are enthusiastic about.

Lessons range in time from half an hour to the full hour, depending on the student’s choice.

Our goal is that students walk away from the lesson with exercises to improve their technique and notes on their specific repertoire so that they can work on their singing practice throughout the week with confidence!

I am particularly interested in learning a specific style of singing, what styles do you teach?

We teach a wide range of styles. Ruth is trained in classical singing and opera and has experience in music theater. We work from a foundation that all great singing requires (breathe work, technique etc.) to build the skills required for your desired singing style.

Will I get to/have to sing in front of others?

Developing your confidence as a performer is our passion! It’s important for developing singers to learn the skills needed to sing in front of others and allow your confidence in doing so to grow in a supportive environment. We have bi-annual concerts performed to an audience of family and friends to showcase your work and progress.