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Raising Voices: Children's Singing Workshop
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Raising Voices is a group singing workshop we offer to young singers age 5-10. It’s a fantastic step for singers wishing to develop their vocal technique and confidence who aren’t quite ready to take one on one lessons. The benefits of group singing are huge! They include:

·       Improving singing technique- students will learn about controlling their breath and vocal resonators to help improve their sound quality

·       Strengthening the musical ‘ear’ – Ever feel like your singing is a little too flat or a little too sharp, but not quite sure which? Singing with others can hugely help students to pick out their tone and learn to adjust with ease to different key signatures and tones.

·       Exposure to different styles of music- the songs covered in the workshop range from current pop songs to more traditional choral pieces. Each is selected for the new skill it can teach young singers- whether it be breath control, extending the vocal range or improving our ‘belting’ technique.

·       Having fun! – Not only is singing a huge ingredient in a good time, it can make you feel so much happier! Knowing that you’re hitting the right notes and contributing to the group is an unbeatable feeling.


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