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A little bit about what we’re up to

Raising Voices: Children's Singing Workshop
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Raising Voices is a group singing workshop we offer to young singers age 5-10. It’s a fantastic step for singers wishing to develop their vocal technique and confidence who aren’t quite ready to take one on one lessons. The benefits of group singing are huge! They include:

·       Improving singing technique- students will learn about controlling their breath and vocal resonators to help improve their sound quality

·       Strengthening the musical ‘ear’ – Ever feel like your singing is a little too flat or a little too sharp, but not quite sure which? Singing with others can hugely help students to pick out their tone and learn to adjust with ease to different key signatures and tones.

·       Exposure to different styles of music- the songs covered in the workshop range from current pop songs to more traditional choral pieces. Each is selected for the new skill it can teach young singers- whether it be breath control, extending the vocal range or improving our ‘belting’ technique.

·       Having fun! – Not only is singing a huge ingredient in a good time, it can make you feel so much happier! Knowing that you’re hitting the right notes and contributing to the group is an unbeatable feeling.


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Spring + Show Reels

We’re busy as ever as we head into Spring and loving all the opportunities to sing for, coach, and collaborate with Aucklanders to improve their voices or give an extra somethin-somethin to their special events.

Lately, we’ve had some down time to sit back and carve together a show reel using footage from recent performances. We’re so grateful for every opportunity and can’t wait for the projects that are on the horizon!

Ruth McKenna
Term Three at May and June

Term Three has started with a bang here at the studio and we’re pleasantly busy with singing lessons throughout the week and performances in the weekends.

It’s a real thrill to see the number of students growing and watching each singer develop their singing technique with confidence while working on repertoire which they love. Student choice in selecting repertoire is so important to us and it’s fantastic to see the diversity of song selections- from ‘The Greatest Showman’ to Faure, Billie Eilish to Puccini.

We’re also loving the performances at Weddings and Events around Auckland. Recently, Ruth had the opportunity to provide entertainment at the Catalina Bay Farmers Market. Despite the wet weather, the atmosphere and cheer of the folk out at the event made it a fantastic day.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of Term Three brings and to start getting repertoire and events together for our fast approaching Summer season!

Getting Started!

We’re so excited to be kicking things off here at the Studio! And I really mean it, SO excited!

Our Business Cards arrived! (It’s the little things)

Our Business Cards arrived! (It’s the little things)

For a long time, I’ve been singing and teaching in my community and at church events. It took a whole lot of growing up and gaining confidence to find the courage to go for this and make my vision of running this little studio become a reality.

So, who am I?

Hi! I’m Ruth McKenna. I’m a teacher, singer and writer. At the moment, I balance running the Studio with my full time job of being in the classroom as a high school teacher. It’s a tough gig doing both but I absolutely love how they feed into each other and inspire ideas on both fronts. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been learning a heck of lot in a relatively short time about running a business and getting things started. Who knew there was so much behind websites and marketing?! It really makes you take your hat off to the incredible people who understand the ins and outs of it all and reach out to help small business owners like myself who are just getting their heads around things. I’ve been so lucky to already receive so much support, advice and encouragement from established business and geniuses when it comes to this whole business world.

May and June, as I’ve written in various places, are the names of my grandmothers. Both incredible women with great talent in music, they’ve inspired my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and myself to keep the music playing loudly across the generations.

It was my grandmother who first sat me down with a guitar and plucked out a tune she encouraged me to sing loudly along with. She had no idea at the time, but that was the moment I knew I wanted to use my voice to entertain and connect with people. From there, I picked up the guitar and taught myself the basics. As I grew into my teen years, I began writing songs under the alias of Naomi Ruth and getting involved in singing for larger crowds. I also began receiving formal training in opera and music theatre after witnessing the incredible power behind my opera singer aunt’s voice.

When so many of my friends and family members began getting married, it offered the opportunity for me to provide entertainment at these events. This sparked an absolute joy in me and I decided I wanted to offer this service to a wider audience. My love of teaching in the classroom space also fostered a desire to extend my singing knowledge to students of any age and stage wishing to develop their voice.

Naomi Ruth, the name driving my own songwriting and artistic work, is still going strong. Just last week, with the help of a fantastic team, I release the newest EP of the three I have completed entitled ‘Black Magic.’ It’s available on Spotify should you get the craving!

I’m so interested to see where this new venture takes me and am really looking forward to the upcoming weddings, events and lessons that the studio already has on our books.

Explore the site, follow away across social media and let’s connect to share some great music.